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    The artist and jewelry designer, Mariana has been creating unique
    and original exotic pieces of fashion jewelry since 1997. Mariana’s
    jewelry is internationally recognized in the major fashion centers of
    USA, North America, Europe, South Africa, Asia, South East Asia,
    South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. The quality and ever
    changing designs have enabled the Mariana brand to achieve
    substantial growth all over the world.

    Each piece is hand crafted to the highest standard, layered with 18
    carat rose gold, antique silver or antique gold. Mariana uses a colorful
    array of hand-made crystals, hand-cut gem stones and fabric beads
    combined with Swarovski crystals some of them antique and over 100
    years old.

    “Mariana jewellery has a lifetime guarantee and is nickel free.”

    Hand Made in Israel

    In order to preserve the item at its highest quality; avoid direct contact
    with water, moisturising creams or perfume”.

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    Ward's Jewelry and Gifts in downtown
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    of Mariana necklaces, bracelets,
    earrings, and rings in stock.

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